Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remaster coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 is hitting next-gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch this year. The game will launch on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S on March 26th, but there’s no specific release date for the Switch release beyond “2021.” The game was first released last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

On next-gen consoles, you’ll be able to play the game at 120fps at a 1080p resolution or at 60fps in 4K. The PS5 and Xbox Series X can run at a native 4K, while the Xbox Series S version can run at 1440p and upscale to 4K. The next-gen version will also offer spatial audio.

The Switch version, meanwhile, will likely be a faithful port of the original release, which landed in September 2020. After outlining THPS 1 and 2’s fresh features on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, Activision says simply, “For on-the-go play, the Nintendo Switch version can’t be beat, giving fans the chance to skate with their favorite pros wherever they are.”

Pre-orders for PS5 and Xbox Series X and S versions are live right now. Anyone who already owns the digital version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 for PS4 or Xbox One can score the Cross-Gen Deluxe Bundle for $10, which unlocks the next-gen upgrades and extra goodies, including secret skater The Ripper, retro Create-A-Skater gear, and old-school skins for Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, and Rodney Mullen. Players who already own the Digital Deluxe Edition will be able to download the next-gen version for free on March 26th, except in Japan.

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