Apple says iOS 14.5 will not allow users to set a default music player after all

Last month beta testers found that Apple had added a feature to iOS 14.5 allowing users to change the default music app, Apple Music, to any other third-party app they had installed. However, this does not appear to be the case.

Apple has cleared up some confusion regarding reports that iPhone users would be able to change their default music app in iOS 14.5. It says users cannot change the default player because there is no settings entry for that like there is for email and browser apps.

While there won’t be a simple tab to select a default service, it sounds like Apple is training Siri to learn by example. It might take a while in fact, Apple specifically told TechCrunch that Siri “may ask you again at some point” but it’s definitely a sign that Apple is loosening its grip on what apps Siri can directly control. Over time, Siri might be able to specifically learn what apps we like to use (Spotify for music, Audible for books, Overcast for Podcasts, etc.) and use those apps without being explicitly told to do so. And that might eventually be better than specifically choosing a default.

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