Apple’s new iOS 13 feature corrects your gaze during video calls

Apple’s latest iPhone update could fix perhaps the most awkward thing about video calls.

Apple appears to be working on a new feature in iOS 13 that subtly adjusts your gaze during video calls, so it appears as if you’re looking into the camera when you’re actually looking at the screen.

A new feature found in the latest version of iOS 13 is called “FaceTime Attention Correction”.

Usually, in FaceTime calls, it is difficult to maintain eye contact: users look at the screen to see the person they’re speaking to, but the video is actually being taken from a point above the screen, giving the effect that people always appear that they’re looking away. It can make talking in such calls somewhat awkward, since it is easy to feel that the person you are speaking with is not paying attention.

Now, Apple’s iPhones will correct users attention and ensure that they’re looking the right way. In a feature that appears to be using Apple’s facial detection technologies, it moves people’s view so that it looks like people are looking directly into the camera and at you even though they’re not.

The feature arrived in Apple’s latest update to the developer beta version of iOS 13. That new iPhone update was shown off last month and won’t arrive fully until September.

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