Xbox Live FREE Game

Microsoft has been on something of a roll since the start of February, dolling out some excellent free games and spoiling Xbox Live Gold subscribers to some absolute corkers, with Mortal Kombat X, Halo Wars, Crackdown 2 and many more to name but a few. For those who don’t know, back at the start of February, Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Flow Basics

Microsoft Flow automates repetitive tasks, allowing you to devote more of your time to important matters. It does this by linking different cloud-based apps, collecting data from them, synchronizing files, sending you notifications, and much more. In Microsoft Flow, automated workflows are simply referred to as “flows.” Currently, Microsoft Flow allows you to link apps […]

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Windows 10 to Automatically Remove Updates That Cause Problems

Windows 10 will automatically uninstall Windows updates that cause startup failures due to incompatibility or issues in new software according to a support document published by Microsoft. Windows updates will be automatically removed when Windows detects that it has recovered from a startup failure after all other “automatic recovery attempts have been unsuccessful.” In addition, […]

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Microsoft to Kill Off Microsoft Edge, Launch Chromium-Based Windows 10 Browser

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 will soon get the ax, according to a new report, as the Redmond-based software giant is currently working on a completely new browser based on Chromium. It’s not a secret that Microsoft Edge has pretty much failed to gain traction in the browser market, despite Microsoft’s often very aggressive strategy […]

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How to solve “Bitlocker drive encryption paused and doesn’t resume”?

Following is several solutions to solve “Bitlocker drive encryption paused and doesn’t resume” in Windows 10/8/7/Vista. Solution 1: Run chkdsk on Bitlocker encrypted drive We suggest you to suspend BitLocker drive encryption, turn it off and then check the issue with chkdsk command. Solution 2: Resume Bitlocker drive encryption process 1. Press Windows key + […]